How to add an app back to home screen

how to add an app back to home screen

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted an app from your home screen, don’t worry – it’s actually very easy to get it back! In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to quickly and easily add an app back to your home screen so that you can keep all of your favorite apps in one place. … Read more

5 ways to empower your software development team

software development

Nearshore companies have to face many challenges, from connecting with customers who are far away from them, to working tirelessly to develop the best software solutions, it is not an easy industry. However, the biggest challenge that any software development team must face is to remain relevant, especially nowadays, when technology is moving incredibly fast … Read more

How to develop Your own mobile application

how to develop mag

Want to know how to make a smart phone app? How to get a quality idea for an application and how to find out if the application will be successful? Are you interested in the process of developing an application and what should you look out for when designing? Are you wondering why it is … Read more