How to add an app back to home screen


If you’ve ever accidentally deleted an app from your home screen, don’t worry – it’s actually very easy to get it back! In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to quickly and easily add an app back to your home screen so that you can keep all of your favorite apps in one place. So let’s get started and make sure those apps aren’t lost forever!


Android and iOS phones have the ability to customize app icons on your home screen. These icons allow you to access applications quickly with just one tap. However, sometimes you may accidentally remove an app icon from your home page, or move it to another page which can make it difficult to find. Fortunately, both Android and iOS systems offer simple methods of restoring an app icon back to its original home screen location. In this guide, we will outline how to add an app back onto your smartphone’s home page in just a few quick steps.

Benefits of Adding an App Back to Home Screen

Adding an app back to your mobile device’s home screen has several benefits. You can pin your frequently used apps to the home screen so they’re easy to get to, making them more accessible and convenient. Having them on the home screen also allows you to quickly open the app by tapping its icon with one finger rather than searching for it through a list of apps. In addition, many apps can change their icons and badges as reminders or notifications even when they are not open or running in the background, ensuring that you don’t miss any important updates.

how to add an app back to home screen

Steps for Adding an App Back to Home Screen

If you have accidently removed an app icon from your home screen on your device, it can be quite a hassle trying to locate it. Before you start fretting, there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure that app is back on your home screen in no time! Here’s how:

  1. Locate the App: First and foremost, you’ll need to identify the app that has been deleted from the home screen. You can do this by first checking the App Drawer (usually a grid icon located at the bottom of your device) or by scrolling left or right on your home page to see which apps are already installed on the device.
  2. Move It Back: Once you have successfully identified the deleted app from the App Drawer list, simply press and hold it until a pop up appears with options depending on what type of mobile device you’re using. Select “App Info” or “Info & Apps”, then choose “Add to Home Screen” or “Mark as Favorite” — this should reinstate its icon back onto your device!
  3. Restart Your Device: As with most things, restarting your device may be all it takes to get things working again — so why not give it a try? By restarting your phone/tablet etc., any temporary issues that could be causing problems should be cleared up and you will now find that deleted app in its rightful place back onto your home screen!

Hopefully, these simple steps will help restore any missing apps from your device’s home screen with ease!

Troubleshooting Tips for Adding an App Back to Home Screen

Before attempting any troubleshooting, make sure the device is up-to-date. Oftentimes, an older version of the operating system or app may not be compatible with the current software settings.

If you’ve deleted an app from your home screen and now want to add it back, there are a few steps that can be taken. Start by opening your App Store (as this should bring up a list of all purchased apps). From here, you can either search for the app in question or locate it within your purchased tab. Once found, make sure it’s downloaded before attempting to add it back to your home screen; devices will not recognize a deleted app as “purchased” until downloaded again.

After the app has successfully downloaded, head over to your home screen and long press on any blank space. This will open up a menu displaying several options; one of which will be “Add Apps & Widgets”. Select this option and then find and tap the desired app in order for it to appear back on your home page!

If you’re still having trouble re-beautifying apps back onto their rightful place on your phone’s home screen, consider:

  1. Rebooting Your Device: at times a simple reboot is all you need as resetting/refreshing RAM/CPU etc., can help restore proper functioning of application internal mechanics
  2. Reinstalling The Affected App: If rebooting doesn’t do the trick then uninstall and reinstall the affected application might prove more successful as this process purges previous “glitches”

Different Operating Systems for Adding an App Back to Home Screen

Different operating systems have different techniques for adding an app back to the home screen. Depending on which device and OS you are using, the steps may vary. However, the basics remain the same:

  • iOS: On iPhones and iPads, it is possible to add apps to the home screen by locating them in Apple’s App Store. Once located, simply tap ‘Get’ or ‘Download’ and wait for it to install. Once installed, press and hold your finger on the app icon until all icons start jiggling. Tap on the ‘+’ sign that appears in a circle at the upper right corner of each icon, then select ‘Add to Home Screen’ from the menu pop-up. Once accepted, your app will be added back to your home screen.
  • Android: For Android users, you can add apps back to your home screen by opening Google Play Store and finding apps you want directly from there or via search engine results page (SERPs). After installation is complete, push and hold down an app icon on either the main menu page or apps drawer until all of them are shaking. Now you can drag it directly onto one of your available home screens by holding down again on its respective icon until a checkmark appears in its upper right corner – this indicates where post-installation placement will occur as soon as you adjust its size/icon dimensions accordingly.
Different Operating Systems for Adding an App Back to Home Screen

Popular Apps for Adding to Home Screen

When you add a new app to your mobile device, it’s often placed directly onto the home screen as a convenient way of accessing it. However, in some cases you may not find the app or even see an icon. Fortunately, there are several popular apps that allow you make the app appear back on the home screen. Here are some of the most popular options for adding apps back to your home screen:

  1. Android Launcher: Android launchers focus mainly on customization and simplifying access to your installed apps by putting them all in one place. Many launchers offer special widgets for adding apps quickly with only a few taps.
  2. Windows Phone Store: If you’re using a Windows Phone device, you can open up the Store on your device and search for the app you want to re-add to your Home Screen. Once found, simply press and hold on its tile until an ‘Add to start’ prompt appears, then follow any further instructions if needed.
  3. iOS App Store: With iOS devices, it’s possible to add downloaded apps back into view by launching Safari or another web browser and rebooting it clear caches by tapping “Clear History.” Finally from ‘Updates’ tab tap on reinstall button near bottom left corner and wait for installation process be finished – it should now appears automatically within home screen again! There may be slight variations depending on which version of iOS is being used as well as if any third party applications have been installed recently that could have conflicting capabilities with existing settings already in place but overall this method should work quite easily once followed correctly!FAQs
    FAQs can be a great way to help customers quickly find the answers to their questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about how to add an app back to the home screen:

How do I add an app back to my home screen?

If you have deleted an app from your home screen and want it back, simply tap and hold on any part of your Android home screen until you see a menu pop up. Tap on “Widgets”, then select theApp you would like to reset. Drag and drop the app onto your home screen and it will appear again.

What if I can’t find the App I updated?

Depending on how your device settings are configured, updated apps may be moved into folders within App Drawer. To locate these folders, tap and hold any part of your Android Home Screen until a menu appears. Then select “App Drawer” to access the folders containing all of your updated apps.

How do I move an App between pages of my Android Home Screen?

Tap and hold the app icon that you want to move until it appears larger than normal with small boxes around it. From here, drag and drop this icon onto another page that appears in place of your original homepage (there should arrows pointing in one direction or another indicating additional pages or diagonally for another layer). Place this icon wherever you want before releasing it from its larger state — make sure you watch out for any additional icons or texts that appear when placing the item so that nothing gets accidentally dropped into the wrong spot!


Adding an app back to your home screen can be done quickly and easily, but it is important to make sure that you are downloading the right version of the app and have the necessary permissions enabled. In most cases, all you need to do is click the home button after you install an app, or tap and hold on the icon until it appears on your device’s display. However, if an app has to be moved from one account (iPhone) to another (Android), more steps may need to be taken first.

If you have followed this guide and still cannot add the desired app back to your home screen, check for updates for your device’s operating system or search online for guidance specific to your device model. By following these troubleshooting steps and double-checking that all necessary permissions are enabled before downloading, you can ensure that you can use all of your favorite apps without any issues!

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